About us

Enso Wellness is a community that is a true reflection of wellness which provides various spiritual and physical growth-related healing programs like counseling, yoga, pilates, meditations, crafts – unifying, vibrant, conscious, transformative and rooted in love. Come be a part of a community that believes in our thoughts, words, and actions having a resonance far beyond ourselves. We at Enso Wellness, strive to bring this spirit to every level of our business and community. We manifest our vision by offering world-class experiences in mindfulness and wholesome wellness



(Wellness Coach & Spiritual Healer)

Counsellor (Talking Therapist)

Trained Yoga & Pilates Therapist

Grandmaster in Transformative Meditations


Arouba being a wellness coach has been helping people who undergo various physical and mental health struggles in their lives. She is a certified counselor and trained yoga, meditation & pilates instructor along with a diploma in Physiotherapy. With such background, she encourages students to move more mindfully, helping them to be more aware of their habits of body and mind. Healer, Solo Traveller, Animal Lover offers her space for any kind of art and therapy as well, which shall help the community. Enso Wellness has been her dream project and apart from providing her own services, she has and is trying to gather Healers and Therapist from various fields to help people physically and mentally.




The core purpose of counseling is to bring back the person to a normal behavior pattern during and post-recovery from a mental health issue.

Support group

Support Groups

Specially designed support groups for medical conditions like Diabetes, Dialysis, Cancer, Rare diseases, are also done in order to bring together people with similar issues and help each other by identifying a pattern.

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One to One sessions

Counsellors work along with each individual, on a case-to-case basis. The process often involves a combination of medication, counseling, and social support. Our approach involves recovery in various ways, tailored to fit the unique cultural values and psychological and behavioral health needs of each individual.

Experiential Therapy


Therapies via Music, Art, and craftworks magic. Music, Pottery, Gardening, Cooking, Painting, Crafts are the expressive therapies, in which a therapist uses these forms and all of its facets-physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual—to help clients improve their physical and mental health. The therapists help the clients improve their health in such as cognitive functioning, motor skills, emotional development, social skills, and quality of life by using these modes of therapies.

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Physical Fitness

Based on Yoga & Pilates

Dive deeper into your personal practice with one-on-one or small group class instructions from our experienced professionals. Specific health concerns can be addressed with tailored sequences, Read More

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Corporate Wellness


Counsellors work along with each individual, on a case-to-case basis. The process often involves a combination of medication, counseling, and social support. Our approach involves recovery in various ways, tailored Read More


Spiritual Healing


Healers from various fields who were wounded, are healed and are spreading the message of self-love, support and care through Reiki, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Tarot Card conversations, Astrology. Read More


Pain Management

Physiotherapy Services

We can understand in today’s sedentary lifestyles we have developed many joint and muscle issues that cannot be sorted with exercises. So, in order to provide you best physical therapy at Enso wellness, we have partnered with one of India’s best physiotherapy service provider- KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy Pvt Ltd  Read More


Elderly Care


Elderly people/Senior Citizens are our utmost responsibility. All their life, they have been strong and provided their families and society what was required but,  we understand that age comes along with various challenges. Our team of therapist help manage those restrictions and bring back functionality as much as possible. We provide: Read More


Trainings & Workshops


These training and workshops are specially designed for beginners. We conduct workshops & retreats for painting, music, art & craft, yoga & pilates, meditations,  & topics that need addressing in their specific environment.These training and workshops are specially designed for beginners. Read More